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If your company isn’t marketing itself on some form of social media, you can bet your competition is. At TryMus Group Inc., we know that the success of your brand is about more than just accumulating likes and followers – it takes a strategy, knowing your competition, and building your brand accordingly. That’s where we come in.

We believe social media is a narrative of your brand, and our social media-savvy team at TryMus Group will help you develop strategic, engaging content to interact with the right demographic and generate loyal customers to cultivate your brand. With so many businesses lacking a true understanding of the formula behind successful digital media marketing, our goal at TryMus Group is to help our clients find their voice and really set themselves apart from their competition by doing social media the right way.

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  • EFS
  • Hillcrest
  • OMAW
  • The Addisons Residence

Top 3 productivity apps for 2017

A month into the New Year, and the city is filled with forlorn faces and murmurs of tropical getaways. The harsh reality is that the cold weather and lack of vitamin D can leave people feeling sluggish and unmotivated – this can prove to be a detrimental combination when trying to reach New Years resolutions! […]

Uber in Toronto

Rideshare services have taken the transportation industry by storm since Uber’s March 2009 founding. Cheaper than a taxi, and more time-effective than public transit, Uber has created a reliable service that many people use daily – totalling up to 50 million rides per week. Uber originated as a business-based app that could be utilized in […]

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