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Social Media and Partnerships Agency, 2015-ongoing

While completing a rigorous History of Art Specialist program at University of Toronto, Marta Tryshak began also known as WLG. What started as passion project in second year university has now evolved into a rewarding business. On June 12 of 2008, Marta wrote her first blog post on Chanel while “studying” for a Medieval Art exam and that is where the name was coined. A homage to Chanel’s first name, Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, whose aesthetic and spirit has always inspired Marta.

Her love for the visual extended beyond academics and into musings of her everyday life. Capturing moments that inspired, experiences that taught, outfits that brought confidence and adventures that made memories.

In her early 20’s it was the journey of navigating through an appearance focused culture while gaining a sense of oneself. In her mid 20’s the focus shifted towards personal challenges and life-changes. Now in her late 20’s, WLG has evolved into a platform that focuses on personal growth, both as a woman and a leader. Marta co-founded a Social Media and Content Agency,TryMus Group, in 2016 with the lessons learned from WLG shifting the focus to women in business.

What started as a story of a girl in search of the fabulous in everyday life, has now evolved into a journey of a woman where fabulous meets everyday and passion joins creativity. Celebrating the 10th year of writing, Marta hopes to continue to connect to likeminded women who are fearlessly pursing life on their terms while stopping to write about it.

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