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The Addisons Residence

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The Addisons Residence


Everyone knows The Addisons throw the best parties.

But few people know who they are, and even fewer have ever made their acquaintance. They collect fine art and always have a stocked bar. They have amazing food on hand, and their friends are all so charming. And their house – my god. Have you seen their house? They really do have it all. It’s just too bad they’re never around to enjoy it.

The Addisons Residence is a one of a kind lounge venue that provides their guests the freedom, of that similar to a house party - hence their name. They have a unique backyard  with a stunning view of  CN Tower, surrounded with cabana seating around the parameter and picnic benches in the middle for guests to mingle on. They have games of all sorts, from video and board games to life size backyard games! When they’re not throwing great parties, they’ve hosted special events such as TIFF parties, NBA All Star parties and other private events. 

Located just south of King West in Toronto, The Addisons Residence is operated by the John Doe Group.

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