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Hillcrest Mall is Presented a MAXI Award for Marketing Excellence


Last September, our client Hillcrest celebrated its grand $90 million relaunch with its inaugural Glow Up campaign. This year, we’re pleased to announce that Hillcrest has won a silver MAXI Award for this very event.

Hillcrest Maxi Award

In essence, the ICSC’s MAXI Awards were designed to recognize the evolution in the retail real estate industry. Shopping centres across North America are considered, with only those paving the way, demonstrating profound innovation and creativity being selected as recipients. Presented once a year, the awards are divided into a number of categories, including, marketing, revenue, impact, and launch—the latter of which Hillcrest has been recognized for.

Prior to the event, we kicked off the launch with a special tour for Hillcrest’s VIP guestlist. The selected group of influencers and media received luxurious, custom made cards crafted by our very own Shayla Bond, which invited them to an early preview of the mall’s new wing, along with a visit to the rooftop to meet the Hillcrest bees.

When it came to the official launch that was Hillcrest Glow Up, attendees not only celebrated the unveiling of the mall’s new, porcelain tiles and sweeping skylights; nor did they only celebrate its long-awaited new tenants—Marshalls, Old Navy, Uncle Tetsu’s, and the like. At the heart of it, Hillcrest Glow Up provided both attendees and organizers the opportunity to celebrate the spirit of community that has always been at the core of Hillcrest’s mission.

The launch served in part then as a preview of how the space is intended to be used: as a gathering spot for locals and visitors—hence its services like baby-bottle warming, and its offering of free diaper kits and parent designated parking spaces. What’s more, the launch worked to emphasize Hillcrest’s devotion to giving back to the community, as has been demonstrated through its sustainability program, its previously mentioned honey beehives, and its partnerships with local charities, one of which was announced at the event and allowed for the spirit of Hillcrest and its Glow Up transformation to live on for weeks to come.

That particular partnership was called Hello Kindness, and it was formed with Sandgate Women’s Shelter. The initiative encouraged customers, retailers, and local community members to donate homeware, toiletries, toys, books, and clothing to Sandgate, in order to help women and children begin new lives.

Like the ICSC aims to recognize through its MAXI Awards, shopping malls that are crafted with care can play a significant role in boosting the social and economic vibrancy of communities, in the way town squares used to, or parks and piazzas continue to do. This is what Hillcrest has always believed, and, once again we are pleased to announce, has successfully demonstrated through its award-winning Glow Up launch.