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Hillcrest Custom Invites

This month,  our client Hillcrest opens its North Wing and we wanted to do something special for their VIP guestlist of Media and Influencers. When it comes to planning memorable occasions, the invite should equally inspire you to remember to come! These invitations did just that. Within them they held quite the keepsake and one that would remind the invitee of Hillcrest each and everyday when displayed in their home.

We knew exactly who could get the job done - not only did Shayla Bond custom illustrate each and every one of the members of the press and media invited to attend the official hard hat tour, she designed these luxurious invitations from top to bottom with impact in mind.  

She went through 12 types of paper, 6 colourways  and 3 prototypes to achieve the final look. Much like unwrapping a chocolate bar, the Invitee had to open an old-style string mailer with handwritten script, a monogram “H” wax seal (sealed by hand) and a paper band to reveal the campaign hashtag, #HillcrestGlowUp, which starred front and center in luxurious gold foil letterpress. Within, the Invitee found the final invitation and an illustrated keepsake of themselves making it an event they’d surely not want to miss!

Photos by Shayla Bond