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Facebook F8 Key Takeaways For 2019


Last week, Facebook hosted its annual F8 conference in which the company showcases its coming additions, updates and more.  Here are the key takeaways that should be reflected in your social media strategy going forward in 2019.

Instagram Like Counts

In  keynote presentation, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri noted that the platform is reducing the focus on follower counts in the latest version by making them less prominent, while they're also testing hiding like counts to reduce the emphasis on vanity metrics.


Shop from Creators

A new option which will facilitate direct buying from specific users and their posts. It will provide more opportunities for Instagram influencers to generate revenue from their posts and make it a more prominent marketing consideration.

As explained by Facebook:

"You'll be able to shop inspiring looks from the creators you love without leaving Instagram. Instead of taking a screenshot or asking for product details in comments or Direct, you can simply tap to see exactly what your favorite creators are wearing and buy it on the spot. Anyone in our global community will be able to shop from creators. We’ll begin testing this with a small group of creators with plans to expand access over time."


Fundraising Options

Instagram's also adding an option for users to raise money and awareness for nonprofits via donation stickers in Stories. The option will initially be made available to US users only, with more countries to follow.

As explained by Instagram:

“You can create a fundraiser and mobilize your community around a cause you care about, with 100% of the money raised on Instagram going to the nonprofit you’re supporting."


Facebook Redesign & Group Focus

First off, Facebook's getting a makeover, with a new look that may be an attempt to shift away from the traditional Facebook blue. Each element will get its own dedicated focus, making it easier to navigate through the various elements. On mobile, the Facebook blue is also being scaled back considerably. Facebook did note that it's not just the aesthetics which are getting an update:

"This redesign makes it easy for people to go from public spaces to more private ones, like Groups. There are tens of millions of active groups on Facebook, and when people find the right one, it often becomes the most meaningful part of how they use Facebook. That’s why we’re introducing new tools that will make it easier for you to discover and engage with groups of people who share your interests."

Among the changes on this front, Facebook says that the new Groups tab will now show a personalized feed of activity across all the groups you're a member of, while also recommending more, similar groups related to your interests. Facebook says that more Groups content will also start appearing in News Feeds (likely indicating an algorithm tweak), while it's also adding an opt-in 'Meet New Friends' feature which aims to help people start friendships with members of their shared communities.


Facebook Messenger Desktop App

Facebook has announced a new, dedicated desktop app for Messenger. As explained by Facebook:

"People want to seamlessly message from any device, and sometimes they just want a little more space to share and connect with the people they care about most. So today we’re announcing a Messenger Desktop app. You can download the app on your desktop - both Windows and MacOS - and have group video calls, collaborate on projects or multi-task while chatting in Messenger."

Of the functionalities listed, group video calls seems like the most beneficial and worth considering for business users, this will give you the capacity to essentially live-stream from your desktop to an enclosed audience (you can add up to six people to a Messenger group video chat, while up to 50 people can tune into the conversation, but won’t show up on screen).


Messenger Lead Ads Templates

For businesses specifically, Facebook's also adding new Messenger lead generation templates to Ads Manager.

"We’re making it even easier for businesses to connect with potential customers by adding lead generation templates to Ads Manager. There, businesses can easily create an ad which drives people to a simple Q&A in Messenger to learn more about their customers. And to make it easier to book an appointment with businesses like car dealerships, stylists or cleaning services, we’ve created an appointment experience so people can book appointments within a Messenger conversation."

The new flow will take users direct from the main Facebook app to a Messenger interaction, and enable them to easily book an appointment, without the advertiser having to do anything.