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Dinner With a View, Dine Like Never Before

Part pop-up restaurant, part outdoor oasis, Dinner With A View will deliver an exclusive gastronomic adventure under the stars at The Bentway in Toronto and La Grand Roue in Montreal come spring 2019. Attendees will be situated in heated, clear and frameless geodesic domes, each designed to stimulate the senses by marrying an elevated culinary experience with a unique view.

The 30 domes in Toronto and 20 domes in Montreal will be transformed into unique terrariums, each corresponding to a different region of the earth’s terroir: tundra, tropical, grasslands, arid and boreal forest. These extraordinary spaces will be brought to life using live flora, luxurious textiles and elegant illumination.

Guests will enjoy a stunning three-course, locally sourced meal designed by Chef René Rodriguez, Top Chef Canada Season 4 Winner, Iron Chef Challenge Winner against Chef Bobby Flay in 2016 and Iron Chef Canada Challenger in 2018. Inspired by cuisine from around the world, guests will select between three blind menu categories – meat, fish or vegan - from which they will be treated to Chef Rodriguez’s culinary inspirations. 

Sponsored by American Express, The Dinner With A View dining series will arrive in Toronto in March 28 to May 2 and in Montreal in April 16 to May 18.