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DermOQ Oxygen Lab

Social Media Agency, 2017-ongoing

OQ Oxygen Lab™ was founded by a team of world renowned scientists, dermatologists, spine surgeons, trauma surgeons and MD-PhD’s specializing in dermatology and dermatopathology.

Products developed by the OQ Oxygen Lab ™ team are already used in thousands of medical procedures a year throughout the world.

This team has spent over ten years developing multiple applications for its patented MaxOx™ oxygen delivery systems, to enhance every aspect of tissue repair.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services recently recognized the potential of MaxOx™ topical applications for helping heal skin in acute wounds (including battlefield wounds) and awarded a research grant (up to $1.5m) to the OQ Oxygen Lab ™ team to develop and test these formulations.

The OQ Oxygen Lab ™ team has been issued four patents by the United States Patent Office and has four patents pending for use of oxygen delivery in orthopedics, wound care and cosmetics.

Now OQ Oxygen Labs expand their innovative breakthrough medical technologies into cosmetics with a portfolio of professional skin care products.

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