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Everyone has their own memories of trips to the corner store. It's where you rode your bikes on a perfect summer day with a hockey card stuck in your spokes. Where you cut class and schooled your friends on Street Fighter II. Where you got your fix of candy cigarettes. Or took your first drag of the real thing. And swore you'd never do it again. But things change and you've grown up. And so has the corner store. With cocktails and beer on top, it's a whole new kind of Convenience. 

Get your daily fix of nostalgia at the store in front, from Popeye Candy Sticks, Milk Duds and Pop Rocks to Lite-Brite, View-Masters and your very own mini Back to the Future DeLorean.  Then get your nightly kicks in the resto-bar behind.  Savour a menu of classic corner store items reimagined and a modern soundtrack full of tasty throwbacks from our feaured DJs.

Located in the heart of Queen West in Toronto, Convenience is operated by the John Doe Group.