Top 3 productivity apps for 2017

A month into the New Year, and the city is filled with forlorn faces and murmurs of tropical getaways. The harsh reality is that the cold weather and lack of vitamin D can leave people feeling sluggish and unmotivated – this can prove to be a detrimental combination when trying to reach New Years resolutions! Not making a change, but expecting the same results, is said to be the truest for of ignorance. To keep your creativity fuelled and your productivity high, even while experiencing those post-Christmas blues, we have created a list of tried and true apps that will help you regain a sense of focus, even during those sugar high candy cane withdrawals.

The Pomodoro Technique

In an age of information overload, remaining focused and present can be quite the struggle. The task at hand can be easily lost in the midst of checking text messages, social media updates, and aimlessly scrolling the internet for inspiration. Comparisons are easily done when constantly exposed to other’s “highlight reels” on social media, especially when trying to complete a tedious task. Rest assured, The Pomodoro Technique is here to help!

When you were younger did you ever try to see how many tasks you could complete while waiting for your food to heat up in the microwave or oven? The Pomodoro technique uses a 25-minute countdown to help the user keep their focus – there’s even a break in between! The handy timer in the tool bar helps the user see how much time they have left, like a virtual pat on the back to keep on track. Truth be told I’m currently writing this article using the Pomodoro Technique – I can whole-heartedly say it’s a lifesaver. Try it out for yourself!

The Momentum App

It has been proven that it takes 21 days to start, and maintain, a habit – this is where the Momentum App is a genius tool. This app becomes the user’s Google Chrome background (when accessed from a desktop), and asks the user what their main focus of the day is. It is so effective that it has been praised by TIME magazine, MacWorld, Cult of Mac, and Lifehacker.

The secret behind why this app works? It visually displays how many days in a row a job, task, or project has been completed; also known as “Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret”. Although it seems like a super simple concept, it’s highly addictive; just look at the nature behind day long “Snapchat Streaks”. The longer the chain grows, the less likely the user is to give up on their hard work and quit. This app also has a built in to do list, beautiful imagery, motivational words, and a

Temporarily Block Distractions

This is a no-brainer, but completely important to rid the confusion of where perfectly good day went wasted answering text messages or aimlessly searching websites. Try  Selfcontrol while using your computer, or “Offtime”, “Breakfree” ” or “Forest: Stay Focused” while on your phone. You may be a self-proclaimed procrastinator but website blocking apps wont let you gain access to the sites again until you have reached the set amount of time. This also applies to other apps, such as Instagram or Facebook, when accessed from a mobile device.

Have you used any of these techniques or apps before? What are your favourite ways to keep focused and motivated, we would love to know!

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